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call center

PMA provides services in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French, Turkish, Spanish and English. With many years of combined experience in customer-related services, we have a team of competent and well-trained employees with excellent language skills and maintain high quality in customer treatment. Unlike many of our colleagues in the industry who work offshore, we choose agents who have the same culture, background and mentality as our customers. Having our offices in Turkey also makes it easier for our partners to visit us.

Call center Outsourcing

Tailor-made services are one of the most important factors that differentiate PMA Services from other providers. We consider each customer as a partner, rather than just a recipient of services. Thus, it is of utmost importance for us to build mutual trust with our customers. Furthermore, we provide service packages specially designed according to each customer's wishes and needs. Our outsourcing services are performed by motivated and experienced employees.


Call center services


  • Incoming and outgoing customer services (phone, chat, email, social media)

  • First and second level customer support

  • Outgoing sales call

  • Meeting booking

  • Market research

  • Call center services in 7 languages

  • Follow-up of satisfaction level with end customers

  • Data Collection

We know from experience that the first 10 seconds of a sales call are crucial, as these 10 seconds often determine how the rest of the call should go. We know that special skills are required to succeed in convincing potential customers that they should listen carefully and think about an offer. To ensure the best possible results, our telephone salesmen and women are trained to use the first 10 seconds of a call to "look" through the telephone and "see" the customer so that they can quickly determine which tactics are best for meeting each customer and adapting their approach to the customer's mood and tone of conversation in order to establish a personal contact and get the customer interested in starting a dialogue. Success in telephone sales depends in part on whether the customer is willing to have a mutual conversation. To help our clients market and sell their products or services, we offer the following telemarketing services:

Incoming telesales services

Outgoing telesales services


PMA Services telesales services

We offer incoming and outgoing telesales services performed by highly competent and qualified employees with in-depth knowledge and excellent language skills. All of our telemarketers must have excellent communication skills and previous sales experience. As telemarketing is a service that requires full control over the language, our telemarketers must have the language they work with as a mother tongue or equivalent knowledge.



We are proud to be a very flexible supplier with the opportunity to adapt our services to the client's needs and wishes. We can work with the platform the client wants and use your CRM system.

tele sales

Call Center
Tele Sales

marketing surveys & data collection

Marketing Surveys /

Market research services


We provide market research services to companies that wish to test their hypotheses and analyze specific market conditions. We have streamlined our data collection methods and made it possible for us to provide fast and accurate services that meet all the client's wishes with minimal quota overruns. We do not perform analyzes of market research data, but we have the resources and knowledge required to provide excellent data collection services through telephone interviews conducted by dedicated service teams capable of conducting both B2B and B2C interviews in 6 languages, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.


Employee recruitment and preparation

In order to guarantee the best possible service quality, our market research is carried out by native-speaking service teams. We work with our clients during the preparation processes as our employees are usually selected according to employee profiles specified by the clients, and the clients often need to present and explain the aims and objectives of the market research to ensure that the service teams fully understand the reasons for the market research. This gives our employees a better understanding of the purpose of the questions they ask during a telephone interview and prevents any negligence that may arise from misunderstandings and misinterpretations regarding the function and necessity of questions that may seem illogical at first glance. Furthermore, we attach great importance to requirements and expectations in the recruitment process, as all of our employees must be flexible and have excellent communication skills, something that is carefully tested through competence-based interviews. Once a service team has been recruited, we also provide further preparation for teams with side-by-side training to ensure that all employees can hold professional interviews and formulate questions clearly and accurately, thus ensuring maximum data accuracy.


Quality and efficiency assurance


As with our other services, excellent service quality is of utmost importance also for market research. For that reason, we always make sure to have some form of quality monitoring in place, the design and scope of which is governed by the client's needs and wishes. Our market research services are implemented in accordance with specific KPI requirements that help us to avoid quota overruns and to guarantee faster completion of projects. 

PMA Services uses the following KPI measures

  • Conversion rate for telephone interviews

  • Number of calls per employee per hour

  • Length of telephone interviews

personal virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant

Personal Virtual Assistant


Here at PMA Services we strongly believe that good personal assistant has to be professional, communicative, positive, and have high time management standards. Therefore, we are happy that our team of personal assistants work with people that have an exact work ethic. A personal assistant will help you with tackling your personal tasks, data entry, online research, calendar management, taking calls and many more various tasks that would distract you from successful business running.


Who We Are

We render premium virtual assistants and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to individuals, startups and SMEs. By providing nothing but the best, we satisfy our clients at all times.


PMA Services virtual assistant is a premium service. We help founders and executives move their business forward by providing highly skilled assistant they can trust to represent their business and carry out responsible tasks.

  • Amazing people - better matching

  • No hassle - just a simple monthly payment

  • Flexible staffing - just the hours you need

  • Peace of mind - compliance and guarantee


Our virtual assistants are selected for their innate sense of service and care, as well as their years of professional experience.


Friendly and Caring

We like working with friendly and caring people and so do our clients. That’s why our virtual assistants are all about providing friendly, personalized service.


Everyone Wins

Our business model is based on the belief that long lasting partnerships must be beneficial and rewarding for everyone involved.


A Positive Outlook

We believe in the power of positivity grounded in reality-that is, looking at each situation as an opportunity to learn, thrive or improve.

graphic design

Graphic Design

PMA has in collaboration with ON DESIGN TEAM been active in branding and packaging design for more than a decade working with multinational bespoke brands such as Nestlé, Coca Cola, Pepsi and many more. Our expertise is concept development in particular for packaging design


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