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We Create Value for our Business Partners

PANDIR Management & Advisory is a specialised company advising in exciting business areas. With partners having experiences from different markets and industries we bring this value to our business partners to ensure results.



PANDIR Management & Advisory provides multi-national and multi-cultural advisory to corporations as well as NGO's . With a rigid experience from Tourism, Finance, Retail and Technology,  we are there to support entrepreneurs and business owners ensuring they achieve desired results. 

Wıth proven successes we adopt tailor made solutions to meet the challenges ahead and work fiercly to create the most cost-efficient and optimum solution required to bring businesses to its targets.

We work closely with the business owners to understand their corporate culture and expectations and build the solutions based on their commercial goals. We come with our knowledge and experience from operations, marketing, sales and finance. In our business we also cover managing suppliers such as banks, agencies, governmental organisations to ensure the business gets all possible support and funding to produce the bottom line.



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