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Finding good solutions for a good future

Purpose Driven Business - Drives Results

After years and years of global experiences, the time came to decide on a long-term goal. We decided that creativity, sustainability, and innovation are the main pillars of our hospitality. Building for a good, happy future for generations to come unleashing human creativity and being part of the growing hospitality industry.


CREATE & develop



We love to create new businesses and to drive disruption and innovation in areas where we have accumulated serious experiences. From being founders of various innovative new business models we have learned the hard way entrepreneurship and how to tackle challenges. We enjoy the happiness of developing new ways of solving human problems with technology and change of perspective. 


We specialize in developing hotel concepts with full business models for asset managers and investors. We work on our own developed model to first understand the hotel revenue potential to then build a realistic and solid business case. With our long term connection to various global travel companies, we source business and build concepts to fit with their expectations to optimize revenues and minimize risks. 





We constantly search and study new ideas and if we see that the idea can solve a big problem and we can be part of the innovation process we can both invest or find investors and help the idea-owners to develop it.


With solid experience in production, service, technology, and finance we are here to support entrepreneurs and business owners to drive better business models. We advise entrepreneurs on business cases and help to structure long-term sustainable and achievable goals. With proved successes, we adopt tailor-made solutions to meet the challenges ahead and work fiercely to create the most cost-efficient and creative solution required to bring businesses to its targets.


We work closely with all stake owners to understand their corporate culture and expectations and build the solutions based on their goals and expectations. We come with our knowledge and experience from operations, marketing, sales, and finance. In our business, we also support managing suppliers such as banks, agencies, governmental organizations to ensure the business gets all possible support and funding to produce the bottom line.


FINANCE & develop



We are actively investing as business angels in new business and we also support entrepreneurs with great ideas we believe into source funds from global capital markets. We help business owners in particular digitalization and new technology to build strong sustainable companies. 




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